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Gilbert & Sullivan’s

Music Director – Rich Ferraro
Director – Ian Wesley

Director & Choreographer – Mel Hogan


Nanki-Poo  James Bailey 
Ko-Ko  Kent Blackmore 
Pooh-Bah  Angus Stewart 
Pish-Tush Warwick Fisher
Yum-Yum  Acacia Pepler 
Pitti-Sing Hannah Pepler
Peep-Bo Jess Ferraro
Katisha  Davina Hart 
The Mikado Dom Augimeri


The action takes place a small town that is ruled over by a far-away benevolent dictator. However, trouble is afoot. In order to keep scandal at bay, flirting has been banned on pain of death, and, with the local tailor the first to be convicted, an executioner must be found. The locals quickly appoint the convicted man to the exulted position, knowing full well that he won’t ever execute himself or anyone else, and so they are all safe to carry on with their romantic dalliances. Things get complicated with the arrival of a mysterious singer and three college girls. Then a message arrives: Why has no-one been executed for flirting…?

Opening in 1885, The Mikado is Gilbert and Sullivan’s most successful collaboration, running for two years in its initial run, an unheard-of success at the time. Gilbert used a fantasy Japanese setting to disguise his satirical tale of small-town politics.

There have been many different versions of The Mikado produced since copyright expired. Some have used new musical arrangements (the ESSGEE version), some new scripts (Hot Mikado, Swing Mikado, Jazz Mikado).

Our production will use the original music but move the action to a contemporary Australian Outback town.